Searching for quality is something that we do our whole lives. But now that you’ve found us here at HXRT, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that our rubber tracks are high quality and are built tough to last. And don’t think that these rubber tracks are going to break the bank; as a leading supplier of rubber tracks Brisbane wide, we do not believe you should have to compromise quality for price.

We are one of the largest suppliers of rubber tracks in Australia and we ship our products across the world to buyers in Europe and America. The HXRT name is trusted to mean quality and confidence, and you can rest assured that when you deal with us, you are dealing directly with the producer.

Quality you can trust

We stock a range of rubber pads, rubber tracks, steel tracks and excavator pads for use in a wide range of applications across your operation. Whether you have earth-moving and construction machinery like excavators and skid steers or if you are looking for rubber pads for your 20-tonne excavator, we can help. Our rubber tracks are designed to fit a range of machinery including Bobcat, CAT, Kubota, Hitachi, Yanmar, Komatsu and many more can be relied on for a great fit and lasting performance.

  • We are an Australian-owned company
  • We are here to provide you with the premium and reliable rubber tracks that Brisbane businesses have relied on to get the job done properly for over a decade
  • We are a trusted name in the industry and can be relied on for fast delivery and supply with a range of quality, reliable products.
  • You will enjoy a warranty on every new rubber track purchased

Shop with us at HXRT to ensure that you are buying the very best in quality.

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Our products

We are proud to stock the widest range of quality rubber tracks and pads for use in a variety of applications across a range of industries.

Rubber Tracks Brisbane


When you shop with us for your rubber tracks, you will love how easy it is to find the right tracks for your machinery. Our rubber tracks are high quality and manufactured to meet OEM and Australian standards.

  • Every rubber track ensures a precise fit which results in increased comfort and a reduction in the noise of operations
  • Our rubber tracks are manufactured specific mixture of natural and synthetic rubber compound, which ensures that you have greater resistance to wear while at the same not requiring you to compromise on flexibility and use
  • The rubber tracks Brisbane businesses trust are made tough to minimise punctures and tears, while at the same time extending the operating life of your tracks, so you don’t need to replace them as often
  • We stock rubber tracks to suit not only a wide range of machines, but specific applications, including non-marking rubber tracks, various patterns to protect surfaces or improve operator comfort and more.

Excavator Pads Brisbane

Our range of excavator pads in Brisbane are designed to fit onto your existing steel tracks to prevent surface damage. When you choose HXRT, you will benefit from our years of experience and understanding of what makes a quality product.

Our excavator rubber pads are manufactured to heavy duty specifications as standard, with backing plates moulded in the pads themselves, not stuck to the back like the majority of other brands in the market. This increases the life of our pads by 40% or more over our competitors.

  • Choose our excavator pads to avoid damage to your surfaces, including damaging or marking concrete. (non-marking pads are available)
  • Reduce vibrations for your operators

Steel Tracks Brisbane

For durability and performance time after time, you can rely on us for quality steel tracks in Brisbane. We manufacture our steel tracks to meet the demands of our Australian and international clients and are here to provide unparalleled quality, time and time again.

  • Steel tracks are durable and made from Korean steel, making them some of the best in the world.
  • You will enjoy the physical strength of these tracks and love how resistant they are to the physical environment around them.

Whether you choose steel tracks with rubber pads in Brisbane or prefer rubber tracks, we can provide the quality machinery tracks you need to get the job done.

steel tracks

Chose HXRT for your rubber tracks Brisbane

We are a Brisbane business who is entirely committed to providing top quality rubber tracks, steel tracks and excavator pads to our Brisbane and Australian clients. If you’re based outside Australia, we can serve you as well – so please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our range of quality tracks & pads and then buy with us for unrivalled quality and performance. Call us now on 1800 468 608 or get in touch with us online.