350SR/L Yanmar Rubber Pad

350mm Offset Yanmar Bolt-On Rubber Pad


HXRT Bolt-On rubber pads are without question one of the most durable pads in the market today. This is due to the design of the backing plate, which is moulded into the pad, not stuck to the back like most other options in the market. This feature along with a carefully selected rubber compound ensures long lasting, durable pads and that prevent unwarranted delaminating or complete failure. 

HXRT Rubber pads have been used in Australia by some of largest OEM’s for over a decade which has further cemented their standing as Australia’s premier pad. But don’t think that because their performance is high the price is also; our pads are affordably priced when you compare them to competitors. 

Our wide range of Rubber Pads will suit most excavators in the market, plus other tracked equipment and are available for pick up or shipping from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. 

So why should you choose HXRT Bolt-On Rubber Pads? 

  • Durability and longevity are guaranteed
  • Trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry
  • Pricing that is sure to please 

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